- Gene spoke at our 2005 Relay For Life Luminary Ceremony.  His story stopped 600 people in their tracks.  His courage touched their hearts.  His enthusiasm for life gave them hope.  His sincerity made them reflect.  Gene is the definition of personal success and an opportunity to hear his story should not be missed.

Tricia Orlando - Canadian Cancer Society

- I've followed Gene's story closely and heard him talk about it.  He is engaging, entertaining, funny, inspirational and moving, all in the same presentation.  He's got a great story, he tells it well, and if your group is not inspired after hearing it, they're beyond inspiration.  

Bill Hunt - Sports Writer - Fredericton Daily Gleaner

Uplifting!  Inspirational!  Motivating!  Connected and Courageous!  A truly inspirational story of a young man's fight to defy the odds.  His electrifying personality and gritty determination will make you want to run out and start living life to the fullest!

Brian Ford - President - Special Olympics New Brunswick 

- Gene has a unique ability to connect with every person he meets, and he inspired us all with his message of strength and courage.  His contagious humour lifted many heavy hearts, and his determination encouraged hope for the future.  Gene's gift for telling a story and motivating others to live life to the fullest is truly remarkable.  Gene is making a genuine difference and he will for you too.  Don't miss a chance to be inspired by Gene!

Susan Marshall - Executive Director - Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

- We were fortunate to hear Gene's highly-motivating talk at the 25th Annual Terry Fox Run for Cancer Research here in London.  Gene's presentation helped us, in large part, to smash all previous records of funds raised in this event.  He presents a maturity beyond his years and can motivate people to extraordinary levels. 

Paul Cox - Terry Fox Foundation

- Wow, what can I say about this guy?  After getting to know Gene Chiarello I can think of nobody that has had more of an inspirational impact on myself or my family.  Gene's battle taught us to respect what we have each day and how to fight for the things we want to keep.  Gene's example to all of us is to "finish what you start."

Roger Shannon - Manager of Telecommunications  911 - City of Fredericton     

- Gene spoke to us in April, 2005 at one of our company meetings.  His presentation was very moving, entertaining and inspirational.  He showed us how to focus on the little things in life and how to make each and every day count.  Gene is a very professional, amazing young man and we were very pleased with his presentation.  He is an inspiration to all...and his story will prove it!

Christina Bransfield - Telus Mobility

 - We had the wonderful opportunity to have Gene as our guest speaker at the 11th Annual Turnaround Achievement Awards; a ceremony that honours students who have made a difference by turning their lives around.  Gene captivated the audience members, young and old, with his sense of humour, the story of his amazing battle with cancer and the positive attitude he used to overcome this obstacle.  By the end of Gene's speech there were few dry eyes in the place.  If you are looking for a Motivational speaker to pass on a positive message to any audience, I would highly recommend Mr. Chiarello.

Ed Caissie - Chairman - Turnaround Achievement Awards

- Gene delivered a keynote address to an audience of over 300 youths and adults at the Fredericton School District Awards Night.  In a personal and direct manner, he brought together the themes of overcoming adversity, courage, compassion and determination.  The entire audience was moved as Gene h elped them connect with their own personal challenges and spoke of how he chose to take control over his own extraordinary experience.

Alex Dingwall - Superintendent  - New Brunswick School Districts 17 & 18 

-Gene's presentation as our keynote speaker was particularly poignant because so many people in the audience were fighting a similar battle to his own. His frank and humorous way of describing his journey was wonderfully inspriing to everyone who heard him speak. Make no mistake though, you don't have to be living with a brain tumour to appreciate Gene's message! He shares his story in such a compelling way that you too will be able to carry on with your own fight with renewed passion and energy.

Maureen Daniels - Coordinator - Gerry  & Nancy  Pencer Brain Tumor Centre - Princess Margaret Hospital